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Introduction to Lean Six Sigma FREE and 1 PDU.
Project Management for Non-Project Managers FREE and 2 PDU’s
An IT Project Survival Guide FREE and 2 PDU’s
Improving Project Management with Lean Six Sigma FREE and 2 PDU’s

Introduction to Lean Six Sigma

Unlock hidden Value in your team and Organization

Lean Six Sigma is changing businesses around the globe through techniques and tools that translate directly into the bottom-line profits. With a constant push to reduce costs and provide products and services faster, there’s no room for activities that don’t add value to the customer.

This 1 hour webinar gives you valuable insight to uncover and eliminate unnecessary activities that slow processes, create waste and add unnecessary cost, so you can focus more on activities that matter most to your customers.

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Project Management for Non-Project Managers

   For Project Stakeholders and Team Members Who Want to Succeed Together 

These are challenging times.  Demands are growing. Yet resources are constrained and timeframes limited.

Project sponsors, end-users, subject matter experts (SME), mangers who manage people with projects and project team members all need to understand how to contribute to the success of projects.

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An IT Project Survival Guide

For Techies and Non-Techies Who Want To Succeed Together

Do you feel that IT takes too long and costs too much? Do your understand your roles in software and systems projects? Do you lack the practices, language and instincts to make good decisions regarding IT? Is your organization falling behind or failing in your use of technology?

Without being overly technical, this webinar will help project sponsors, end-users and SME’s to enable IT success by learning how to harness, leverage and enable IT methodologies, techniques and practices.

Link to Brochure at 2 PDUs The Non-Techie Survival Guide For Working With IT

 Success Factors and Pitfalls of Business Improvement and Six Sigma Projects

Enable Continuous Improvement and Lessons Learned

One of the most valued skill sets a project manager can develop is the ability to predict an outcome. Whether it is the outcome of a test, a process, a service, a product or all of the above – there are a few foundational concepts within Lean Six Sigma (LSS) that will improve your ability to enable success and predict project outcomes.

Learn how apply the LSS concept of variation to problem-solving. Understand what vital project management inputs to control and leverage in order to maximize outputs. Apply the technique of Poka Yoka to error proof project processes. And understand that different types of project variations are dealt with differently.

Link to Brochure at 2 PDUs Improving Project Management with Lean Six Sigma

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