Project, Program and Portfolio Management

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Project Management is more than timelines and deliverables, it’s also about your firm’s profits, reputation, stability and growth. In today’s competitive business environment, companies must be able to deliver the benefits of successful projects in a more cost-effective manner. We enable your success by applying practical elements of industry-recognized best practices.

Our consultants and teams have more than 30 years of deep experience in both the practical and theoretical aspects of Project Management. Many of our people are also formally certified in Project Management related good practices by independent providers. We perform, teach and even publish all forms of project, portfolio and program management based upon the practical and cost-effective application of traditional as well as agile industry best practices.

Complexities in projects, lack of specialist expertise, budgetary constraints, flexibility and agility are a few challenges in the increasingly difficult arena of getting things done. Managing a project inefficiently could result in customer dissatisfaction. Our team of experienced experts provide end-to-end services. As a part of our offering, we design solutions that are safe, cost-effective, industry compliant and tailored around the client’s needs.

Our services are flexible and our project managers are available on a consultative basis or a full-time basis depending on your requirements, budgetary constraints and timelines. Bringing in extensive experience in various verticals, our managers work to ensure that the job is done and help in overcoming challenges. Our personnel have certifications from ITIL, PRINCE2™, PMP, PMBOK, Capability Maturity Model (CMM), ISO 9000:2008 and MSP in addition to capabilities in strategic planning. Our project management experience spans both technical and non-technical projects.

We also have a history of delivering formal instructor led training. This experience allows us to develop practical knowledge sharing operational/learning programs matched to your needs. We work your best interests and alongside you to provide a truly end-to-end service:

  • Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements.
  • Program Management is the centralized coordinated management of a program to achieve the program’s strategic objectives and benefits. It involves aligning multiple projects to achieve the program goals and allows for optimized or integrated cost, schedule and effort.  Portfolio Management is the coordinated management of portfolio components to achieve specific organizational objectives.
  • Competency assessment and management of your individual and organizational project management capability to produce a roadmap that gets you where you need to be.
  • Development of project, portfolio and program management methodologies with integrated and targeted project management training and related courses.
  • We can provide your staff with the tools to get the job done and guide you through the establishment of a PMO (Project, Program and Portfolio Management Office) to monitor and track results.
  • Project portfolio management to help you maximise return on investment in relation to your strategic and operational priorities
  • Provision of project management resources and management of projects on your behalf leaving you to concentrate on your core business.
  • Give us your most challenging or troubled projects, programs or portfolios. We will ensure their success!

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