Quality Assurance & Testing

Quality Assurance and TestingThe Clarico Group is a pioneering and leading edge provider of Quality Assurance and Software Testing Services. Our service excellence is the right blend of people, process and next generation technology. Our continual investment in these core pillars of deep technology know-how and service delivery has enabled our clients to minimize risk, reduce development costs, shorten time-to-market, vastly improve ROI and increase user satisfaction – factors essential to their success in a competitive marketplace. We use the most current technology to accelerate/increase ROI and drive down time, costs and risks for your software projects.

We combine holistic testing strategies, testing innovation, a talented pools of skills and industrialized process to assist our clients to reduce costs To maximize our clients’ cost reductions, Clarico Group combines industrialized process, next generation test automation, a focus on quality with productivity improvements and flexible sourcing from our testing centres.

We are redefining what testing is and our testing professionals define themselves as pioneers of end-to-end quality, delivering predictable testing productivity at a predictable cost-effective price. We believe that successful test teams require certain key characteristics, including in-depth testing expertise, subject matter expertise, a wide experience of different technologies and project lifecycles, together with keen problem-solving skills and resourcefulness.

Our consultants have many years of experience in building and managing successful test teams, and are supported by an in-depth knowledge of testing techniques and tools. Furthermore, our service offerings are flexible as follows:

1. Full Out-Sourcing This method of supplying a test team benefits those organizations who do not wish to incur the expense of building their own test team for short term projects. Full out-sourcing provides a one-off expense that enables our clients to employ our expertise (people, process and next generation technology) in all facets of the software testing process. This option will ensure that the testing is completed on time and within budget, while also providing an efficient unit and significantly reducing your management overhead whilst you run your business.

2. Team Management If you require test management support for your testing projects, we can supply experienced test managers and test team leaders to plan, manage and control your testing project. Our consultants possess the specialist skills required for these roles and will support and complement your existing team.

3. Team Building/Staff Augmentation If you require specific resources for your testing roles, such as a test automation engineer or a test analyst, Clarico Group supply expert consultants to supplement existing in-house test teams. Our resource of consultants is able to fill any role within a test team and can be available on a basis to suit our clients.

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