Business Analytics and Decision Support

busines analyticsThe Clarico Group helps our clients to transform data into information and derive real business value from it.  Our approach is client focused, business led and driven by gaining a clear understanding of the key data within an organization to provide solutions that are easy to use and maximise today’s extensive options in terms of visualisation methods.  We combine this approach with delivery excellence, which aligns strong business and technical expertise to provide early results to the business using agile techniques.  Our robust and cost-effective solutions are designed with change in mind to facilitate the continuous evolution that characterizes success for our clients.

How much business is lost due to inadequate analysis, slow responsiveness or inability to predict the market and take proactive measures? Are business decisions based on data collection across the enterprise, or does your company lack the current analytic processes to make this possible?

Successful Business Analytics, Decision Support and Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities can make business decisions both interactive and proactive. Claricogroup’s services and solutions are your first step to realizing these benefits. We help you to:

  • Evolve your data into relevant information that can be collected, managed and shared more
  • Transform your data into meaningful information—in the format that best suits your needs
  • Make your information more dynamic, interactive, transparent, and above all, credible
  • Integrate the decision making process throughout your organization

Many organisations have deployed Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to support their decision making process. However, despite several years of using BI techniques, companies still face key challenges relating to the management of information. Users cannot access the right information in a timely manner or in the right context; different BI tools are accessing various data sources; data is inconsistent; data silos exist across disparate systems; data volumes continue to grow exponentially; unreliable forecasts are produced, regulatory compliance is a challenge. To meet such challenges, a well thoughtout approach to Business Intelligence & Analytics is required.

Our experience is that Business Intelligence programs should be applied across an entire organisation. This is because BI programs are strategic in nature and require a close interaction between IT and the business, as well as strong governance to help identify, deliver and maintain the organisation’s BI strategy. We design, plan, implement and maintain your BI initiatives, helping you to:

  • Define a BI roadmap to enable your current information systems to be ready for the arrival of big data
  • Transform insight into actions that result in positive business outcomes for your organisation
  • Better collect, manage and share meaningful intelligence across your organisation
  • Ensure intelligence is always easily accessible to the people who need it
  • Leverage today’s newest technologies to improve your business efficiency and improve margins

Tell us or we will help you discover the answers your business needs to become more successful? After deciding upon objectives and metrics to analyse, our consultants will create customised displays of your live data to provide real-time reporting at decision-maker level. We will help your to enable a culture of continuous improvement where better questions will be asked that will ultimately lead to better answers and your continuous successes. Avoid drowning in data. Start making smarter business decisions. Give us your most challenging or troubled projects, programs or portfolios. We will ensure your success!

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