What We Extend

We Extend by doing or helping your employees do what you need to succeed. Our consultants deliver results for you by working on your behalf, running programs or projects for you or just being part of your teams, to make the best happen for you by planning and executing at strategic, tactical and operational levels. We help your teams make better, more creative decisions and, most importantly, actually execute and implement them. We will ensure that your employees receive any knowledge transfer, mentoring and coaching they need. Our team will help you focus your efforts appropriately in the following key areas:

  • Strategic Alignment – Effectively align organization design with business strategy and ultimately execution and continuous improvement.
  • Organization Design – To support Strategy, we will enable your  organization towards and accountability centric design that will clarify roles, increase accountability, and ensure execution across the organization.
  • Managerial Leadership Systems  – In concert with the above, we will help you enable your human resources by aligning them with key leadership and team qualities of trust, engagement, agility, innovation and focus on value.

Our Specialty Consulting Practice Areas

In addition to enabling recruitment, the Clarico Group has established a track record of success in the following dedicated consulting practice areas.

Business Process Analysis, DMAIC and Lean Six Sigma Continuous Improvement methodologies and techniques

We enable lower costs and achieve optimal business performance for our clients, to help our clients to lower administrative and operating costs, deliver new services more quickly, improve customer satisfaction, and enhance their focus on core business activities.

Business Analysis

Clarico Group enables professional business analysis consulting based on the Industry Best Practices of the International Institute of Business Analysts’ (IIBA) Business Analysis Framework. We know what excellent Requirement are and make sure that you succeed by developing the highest quality Requirements for your projects. We will quickly and cost-effectively, using agile or traditional methods:

  • Conduct feasibility studies
  • Conduct requirements planning and management
  • Create and maintain technology strategic plans and associated architectures
  • Deal with your data conversion and testing challenges
  • Document the right requirements, reduce waste, create solutions, and improve efficiency (Lean Six Sigma and DMAIC)
  • Identify, scope and define new business opportunities
  • Plan and manage organizational change
  • Plan and manage risks
  • Prepare the business case and conducting an initial risk assessment

Project, Program and Portfolio Management (traditional as well as agile project management)

Project Management is more than timelines and deliverables, it’s also about your firm’s profits, reputation, stability and growth. In today’s competitive business environment, companies must be able to deliver the benefits of successful projects in a more cost-effective manner. We enable your success by applying practical elements of industry-recognized best practices.

Business Analytics and Decision Support

The Clarico Group helps our clients to transform data into information and derive real business value from it.  Our approach is client focused, business led and driven by gaining a clear understanding of the key data within an organization to provide solutions that are easy to use and maximise today’s extensive options in terms of visualisation methods.  We combine this approach with delivery excellence, which aligns strong business and technical expertise to provide early results to the business using agile techniques.  Our robust and cost-effective solutions are designed with change in mind to facilitate the continuous evolution that characterizes success for our clients.

Quality Assurance and Testing

The Clarico Group is a pioneering and leading edge provider of Quality Assurance and Software Testing Services. Our service excellence is the right blend of people, process and next generation technology. Our continual investment in these core pillars of deep technology know-how and service delivery has enabled our clients to minimize risk, reduce development costs, shorten time-to-market, vastly improve ROI and increase user satisfaction – factors essential to their success in a competitive marketplace.

Instructional Design

The Clarico Group provides instructional design excellence for on-line and mobile learning provider. We partner with our clients to deliver business results and improved performance. We are passionate about learning. You’re looking for improvements in performance and changes in behaviour. We’ll help you achieve those business benefits by focusing on the choices your people make every day. We’re not just another e-learning company interested in adding to the mountain of dull ‘e-telling’ that often masquerades as e-learning. We want your people to be inspired, to be energised, to make the right choices and to take action.

Digital Media Production (web, audio, video, documentary, ePublishing, interactive)

The Clarico Group partners with industry leading production companies such as East Hill Productions Inc. (www.ehproductions.com) and Orange Hill Meda (www.theorangelounge.com) that specializes in the development and production of feature films, documentaries, television, music videos, epublishing, and music concert video recording and multi-media mutli-platform experiences. We have partnered and produced projects spanning from Canada, USA, Israel, Europe, and Asia.

Our Recruitment Solutions

The Clarico Group has developed a range of contract and fulltime recruitment services that are driven by the needs of our customers and designed to deliver the greatest chances of success no matter where in the world you need us.

Clarico Group Recruitment Solutions

We are able to attract and supply both temporary contract and full time recruitment services.